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We create art, literature, and publications that enhance the self-worth and inclusion of the disabled community. Our products are offered in various languages. Our goal is to evoke joy, pride, and inclusion for individuals with special needs in both public and private spaces.

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Inclusive Art Collection

These hand drawn digital illustrations were created to include disabled persons in ART in a positive way! These illustrations inspire acceptance and pride for the disabled community who are often unseen in art and literature

Inclusion Is Enchanted

Size: 23 x 30

Media: Digital Illustration Printed On Canvas

This art was created to inspire support to those with severe impairments, which can keep the individual separated (internally and by peers) from society. The young girl here is intellectually delayed, and does not understand the feelings of sadness she has from being excluded by her peers. The fairies are whispering to her how beautiful and valuable she is to the world. They are explaining that everyone is unique and important to the balance of the world.

Inclusion Is Out Of This World

Size: 36 x 23

Media: Digital Illustration Printed On Acrylic

Created to emphasize acceptance of those that are different. Inclusion should not have boundaries or limitations. Inclusion here means respecting, accepting, and embracing everyone.

Inclusion Is Mermazing

Size: 27 x 36

Media: Digital Illustration Printed On Canvas

This illustration was created to promote self worth for persons with physical disabilities. The mermaid is happy and full of life as she splashes and plays in the sea. The title is meant to be light and fun.

Inclusion Is Free

Size: 24 x 36

Media: Digital Illustration Printed On Acrylic

This art celebrates the resilience of the disabled community as a whole, and aims to represent all persons with a mental or physical disability. There are many symbols in this piece. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and independence, for all persons regardless of their abilities. As a country we need to support the pride and self worth of every individual. The green ribbon for mental health awareness is camouflaged into Lady Liberty the same way mental disabilities are camouflaged in society. The sunflowers represent intellectual delay, and the sign language subtly in the background for persons with limited communication.

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