Our Story

Inclusive Art House is a unique publishing company that was formed to fill a void for disabled persons in the community and in the art world. I am Jennifer McGee, the company founder, and a special needs parent. My journey with the disabled community began when I gained custody of my special needs nephew Isahiah in 2020. He was 15, nonverbal, Autistic, and developmentally delayed. The more I learned of how to care for Isahiah, the more I realized the struggle families with disabled persons encounter every day. I came face to face with the lack of resources, education, and inclusion of special needs persons in many environments of everyday life. It became clear that disabled people were disproportionately excluded from recreational activities, employment opportunities, art and literature as well. I created Inclusive Art House, LLC to showcase persons of disabilities in positive ways to promote self worth and inclusion in all aspects of life. It is my goal to increase educational opportunities, resources, and accessibility for both the families of disabled persons and the community as a whole.

New Journey

Inclusive Art House Invited to the 2024 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition!

We are thrilled to announce that Inclusive Art House have been invited to join the prestigious 2024 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition! This is a significant honor and a wonderful opportunity to share our work and insights with a broader audience.

A Heartfelt Thank You:
We extend our deepest gratitude to the American Library Association for this incredible invitation. It’s an honor to be part of such an esteemed event, and we look forward to engaging with fellow authors, librarians, educators, and attendees.

About the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition:
The ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition is a premier event in the library community, bringing together professionals from around the world to discuss key issues, share innovative ideas, and celebrate the impact of libraries on our communities.

Join Us:
Stay tuned for more details about Jennifer’s participation and how you can join us at the conference. We’re excited to connect with everyone and continue spreading awareness about autism, kindness, and inclusion through Inclusive Art House.

Thank you for your continued support!

Meet The Author

Jennifer McGee

Jennifer is a full time creative visual Artist, entrepreneur and parent to a special needs person.

After her special needs nephew, Isahiah, came to live with her full time her understanding of the needs of the special needs community became more clear. She saw a disconnect of understanding and lack of inclusion for people with Autism, and disabilities as a whole. She began observing the different strategies and practices the community and public policies have towards special needs and disabled persons as she travels across the country. She also began educating herself by taking classes and joining many advocate groups to be better prepared to serve the disabled community through her talents of art and leadership. Writing has become an important tool of creating awareness and understanding for the many challenges that disabled persons experience.

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