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Experience the Magic of Jennifer McGee’s Visits

Jennifer is a full time creative visual Artist, entrepreneur and parent to a special needs person.

After her special needs nephew, Isahiah, came to live with her full time her understanding of the needs of the special needs community became more clear. She saw a disconnect of understanding and lack of inclusion for people with Autism, and disabilities as a whole. She began observing the different strategies and practices the community and public policies have towards special needs and disabled persons as she travels across the country. She also began educating herself by taking classes and joining many advocate groups to be better prepared to serve the disabled community through her talents of art and leadership. Writing has become an important tool of creating awareness and understanding for the many challenges that disabled persons experience.

Services Offered:

  • Interactive School and Library Visits: Jennifer brings her book to life through readings and engaging activities, teaching children about autism and the importance of inclusion.
  • Inspiring Public Speaking: Jennifer is available for conferences and panels, offering insightful discussions on empathy, understanding, and her journey as an author.

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