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Christmas Greeting Cards | Together is our favorite place to be - InclusiveArtHouse

Christmas Greeting Cards | Together is our favorite place to be - InclusiveArtHouse

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💡 A Heartwarming winter wonderland where friendships blossom and inclusivity takes center stage with our enchanting "Animal Friends Gathering Christmas Postcard." Immerse yourself in the magic of the season as charming animal pals, some with physical disabilities, come together in a joyous celebration of togetherness.

A cozy scene by an outdoor campfire, surrounded by a diverse group of adorable animal friends. Their laughter dances in the crisp winter air, creating an atmosphere of pure delight. As they huddle together, each with its unique charm, they share stories and bask in the warmth of camaraderie.

As they huddle close, celebrating the holiday season, our postcard becomes a testament to the beauty of embracing differences. The snow-covered trees in the background aren't just part of a scenic landscape—they're a reflection of the inclusive world we aspire to create, where everyone is welcome, and every story is celebrated.


Folded Card:

  • 3 pages: Front, Inside, Back.

Flat Card:

  • 2 pages: Front, Back.


🌟 Premium Quality, No Watermark: Rest assured, the final print will be free of any watermarks, ensuring a clean and pristine presentation.

🎨 Each of these postcards is a testament to the power of hand-drawn art, crafted with love and purpose to champion self-worth and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Every stroke is meticulously Hand Drawn, then brought to life through the highest quality printing and materials.

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